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Sustainability Consulting
Awards 2023
Entries are now closed

Environment Analyst launched the Sustainability Consulting Awards because we believe that consultancies who have made significant advances in both their own, and their clients’, sustainability journeys deserve to be applauded.

These Awards recognise and celebrate ESG achievements and climate leadership, and provide an opportunity for the sustainability consulting sector to demonstrate their commitment to the sustainability agenda.


Entries closed on 10 February 2023 and the shortlist will be announced soon.

The Environment Analyst-led, independent judging panel includes industry experts and analysts. The head judges are Environment Analyst's Managing Director Ross Griffiths and Cofounder & Director Liz Trew.

The Award winners will be announced live at the Sustainability Consulting Awards Ceremony on 27 June at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, Illinois, during an evening of celebration.

2023 Award Categories

Conditions of Entry:

  • Any person or organisation, including those directly involved with the nominated scheme or project, may submit an entry.

  • Each submission may be entered into no more than three categories (if entering more than one category the entry should be tailored to match the relevant category’s criteria).


By entering the Awards you are agreeing to the information you send being used in press releases, on our website and within our editorial content (however, if there are parts of the application considered confidential and for the judges eyes only, please mark clearly to this effect).

Specific conditions of entry for each category are noted below.


ESG Innovation Award


An award to recognize the delivery of new products and services designed to accelerate the delivery of ESG goals and aspirations, notably through data and digital innovation. 


The successful organisation will be able to demonstrate exceptional product/service design and innovation - through data and digital solutions - to ultimately accelerate the delivery of ESG by (and not limited to) improving accessibility, transparency and comparability; deepening the understanding of risk and materiality; delivering on ESG commitments and communicating progress. Activity during 2022/23 must be demonstrated.

Small to medium business award available, judged separately*

Sustainable Infrastructure Award 


This award celebrates the project in which a sustainability consultant has integrated ESG objectives from the outset and delivered the best outcome for a client in helping them to achieve their net zero and sustainability goals. 

A successful organisation or partnership will demonstrate how it significantly improved the sustainability of an infrastructure project through a combination of stakeholder collaboration, project design and planning and project delivery. The winning project will demonstrate exceptional sustainability credentials and innovative design, providing a wide range of environmental and social benefits. Activity during 2022/23 must be demonstrated.


Transformational Partnership Award


This award will recognise successful client-consultant partnerships who in collaborating effectively are delivering significant value and impact and accelerating positive change. 

The successful entry will chart through examples and disclosures, the transformational sustainability journey of a stakeholder or organisation working in partnership with a consultancy. This transformation can be at the organisational, strategic or operational level and should highlight the strength of the partnership to deliver fundamental change. Activity during 2022/23 must be demonstrated.

The award can be entered by an individual organisation or organisations that have effectively worked with suppliers /partners, or by collective initiatives and partnerships as a whole.


Impact Award


The Impact Award will recognize the consultancy that is showing a clear and deliverable environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) strategy. Judges will be looking for a business that isn’t just talking but demonstrating all round ESG (including diversity & inclusion) and sustainability impact.

The successful organisation will be able to document their transformation to an organisation which has embedded sustainability within their governance from the very top to the very bottom. It should include data and disclosures to outline how the organisation’s business objectives; missions and purpose; and strategy is now aligned with sustainability. Activity during 2022/23 must be demonstrated.


Net Zero Accelerator Award


This Award will highlight the consultancy who has achieved the most in advancing both their own and/or their clients’ climate leadership journeys. Those who are ultimately ‘walking the walk’ and are going above and beyond to deliver tangible results.

The successful company should provide data, disclosures and other supporting evidence of how they are transitioning to a 1.5 degree goal and encouraging their clients to join them on that journey. It will demonstrate how they are encouraging reporting in a specific and transparent way and incentivising good performance. Demonstrable efforts to consider and address scope three emissions are needed. Activity in 2022/23 must be demonstrated.

Small to medium business award available, judged separately*

Sustainability Leader of the Year  


This award highlights an individual who is championing sustainability and inspiring new ideas and positive change, along with a clear commitment to long-term impact. This individual is pivotal in leading their organisation towards a more sustainable future.

The successful candidate will be able to provide evidence of how their leadership, passion and motivation has helped accelerate their company’s sustainability journey. Activity in 2022/23 must be demonstrated.

Nature Positive Award

This Award will highlight the consultancy that has demonstrated a determination to embed a nature positive approach to either their internal mission and purpose, and/or their project commitments and client services. 

The successful applicant will be able to provide evidence of how their business has helped improve either their own or their clients impact on the natural environment and demonstrate a stellar regenerative approach to ecosystem management. Activity in 2022/23 must be demonstrated.  

Rising Star Award


This award recognizes the inspiring efforts and achievements of an early career sustainability and environmental professional who is driving positive change within their organisation and the wider environmental and sustainability community.

Under 30 years of age or with up to 7 years of experience. Can be entered by themselves or through nomination

Entrants will be judged on all round ability, not only on academic and work- related achievements, but also their enthusiasm for work within the sector. Entries should, in a video of 60-90 seconds (MP4) outline why they should be considered for the award, and a statement of no more than 500 words, outline the major and distinguished contributions made by the candidate to the profession; include the significance of those contributions and where possible the degree of influence the nominee had in the activity or activities given. 


To be included with the entry:

  • Evidence of the candidate’s career achievements (this could include significant contribution to a project), provided in both Word document and PDF format

  • References of work over the past 2 years or since the beginning of the candidate’s career (a concise statement of the contributions made to the sector by the nominee, including any voluntary work)

  • Nominee’s CV: Nominations may be submitted either by the individual, the employer or jointly. If you are shortlisted, you should be prepared for a short telephone interview with one of the judges.

  • A 60-90 second video of the professional describing their key achievements and why they should be considered.

  • 1 PowerPoint slide illustrating key aspects of the entry and including the entrants name, to be displayed at the Awards ceremony in the event that you win.


Creating Resilient & Sustainable Communities Award


This award recognises the company, initiative or project which has delivered lasting social benefits and/or environmental justice to a community(ies) in need.

The winning entry will demonstrate how their efforts / projects have contributed to improving diversity, equity & inclusion in an area and the regeneration of social capital and the creation of sustainable communities. Activity in 2022/23 must be demonstrated.  

Next Generation Award

The Next Generation Award recognises the company that has contributed towards developing early career professionals within the E&S consulting sector. With recruitment and retention identified as the sector’s biggest challenge going forward, this award will celebrate efforts to safeguard the future success of the industry.

The winning entry should demonstrate exceptional efforts to attract, recruit, retain and retrain the next generation professionals. The judges would like to see innovative approaches to attracting new talent with added merit given to activities which aim to improve diversity, equity & inclusion within their organisation and the wider sector. Activity in 2022/23 must be demonstrated.   

Sustainability M&A of the Year Award

This celebrates the M&A deal of the year which helped to substantially enhance the sustainability delivery capabilities of the acquiring organisation. 

Entries will be considered for those deals which have closed between 2022 and present. 

Small to medium business award available, judged separately*

*These categories have a separate award specifically for small to medium-sized businesses with either less than 250 employees or less than $50m gross revenues.


Get recognition

The Awards provide a valuable opportunity to:

  • Gain recognition for your ESG achievements and climate leadership

  • Position yourself as a leader in the sustainable transition and differentiate yourself from competitors

  • Highlight your value proposition and attract new clients 

  • Demonstrate your commitment to the sustainability agenda and enhance employee recruitment and engagement

Previous entrants include

why enter

Discover this year’s winners at the Sustainability Consulting Awards Ceremony on 27 June at the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, Illinois.


Reconnect and unwind with the sustainability consulting community during an evening of celebration, as we announce this year's winners live.

To reserve your place at the Ceremony, or for information on sponsorship opportunities, please contact

The evening Awards ceremony will be taking place alongside the Environment Analyst Global Business Summit (27-28 June in Chicago), which will bring together environmental and sustainability consulting leaders, clients and stakeholders to explore how sustainability and ESG drivers are impacting the market.

Save the Date

2023 ceremony

The photos from the 2022 Ceremony are available below. When sharing photos please credit Environment Analyst & ©TonyGallagherPhotography.

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