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Shortlisted for the Digital Innovation Award

Benchmark Gensuite - Disclosure Director / CSRD Solutions

Benchmark Gensuite has fostered over 25 years of EHS & Sustainability innovation by developing best-practice digital solutions and cutting-edge AI Advisors, leveraging advanced technologies to streamline reporting & workflows; delivering holistic & unprecedented operational visibility, data management, and insights; and driving overall program improvement across the organization from safety & auditing to Scope 3 emissions and supply chain accountability— all on a single, comprehensive, and unified integrated platform. 

In 2023, Benchmark Gensuite recommitted to the ethos of the brand, which is rooted in developing best practice solutions and subscriber collaboration through its organically developed, natively integrated, and unified solutions suite on a single platform. The collaboration and communication between Benchmark Gensuite and the community of subscribers allows for constant program solution feedback and improvement. This feedback has led Benchmark Gensuite to focus on the fundamental need to connect the disparate yet highly operational functions of EHS, Quality, Operational Risk, Sustainability, ESG, Stewardship, Supply Chain Risk.


Building on EHS, Quality, and Operational Risk, our approach is to focus on how to get the best practice solutions and technology with the continuously evolving innovations that continue to arise in the marketplace. We are integrating these best practices and advanced technologies in a practical and meaningful way as our platform evolves, where everyone has access to these capabilities while continuing to require no version upgrades ever for our users. 


Disclosure Director


Fortunately, there’s a simple way to meet today’s challenges. Built atop the award-winning Benchmark Gensuite platform, Disclosure Director is the industry’s first holistic digital ESG platform that helps companies take charge of ESG data management, ensure data accuracy, track performance, and enable ESG impact. This module allows businesses to compile and report investment-grade sustainability and ESG data with a comprehensive digital reporting software. Stakeholder demands for corporate transparency and investment-grade ESG data are intensifying. 


Compiling disparate data sets via Excel from multiple functions across the enterprise and keeping pace with changing reporting standards and ESG KPIs is a daunting task. ESG disclosures require investment-grade data, with elevated requirements for accuracy, currency, and reliability, a challenge many EHS and Sustainability functions have not previously addressed. New regulatory requirements across the globe mean meeting Sustainability and ESG disclosure reporting in alignment with rapidly changing global frameworks, managing ESG programs, and delivering on ESG commitments presents unprecedented challenges for sustainability professionals.


With Disclosure Director tied directly to the company’s existing operational solutions for sustainability, safety, and environmental compliance; functional platforms for HR, product stewardship, legal; and ERP systems for production and technology, the company will be able to automate their ESG data collection process, from site-level data collection to KPI tracking enterprise-wide. Integrated global frameworks and standards from our partnerships and memberships in GRI, CDP, IFRS S1 and S2, SASB, CSRD/ESRS and related organizations, cross-functional responsibility assignment and approval review workflows, and real-time visibility give the company the means to manage and improve ESG performance and impact. Disclosure Director, designed with the collaboration of leading Subscribing Clients to ensure real-world applicability, is a breakthrough digital solution that tames complexity and puts the user in control.

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CSRD Solutions


This integration builds upon Benchmark Gensuite’s existing array of embedded frameworks, such as GRI, CDP, IFRS S1 and S2, SASB, BRSR, and CSRD/ESRS, while also offering customizable framework options, positioning Benchmark Gensuite as the most comprehensive corporate sustainability reporting capability available in the market today. Key capabilities provided by the integration CSRD/ESRS into the Benchmark Gensuite platform include:


  • Automated Workflow: The platform streamlines the complexity of sustainability reporting into an automated workflow, defining materiality, assigning dates and responsibilities, and monitoring data collection progress for complete oversight and control of the reporting process.

  • Data Quality Assurance: Data controls ensure data quality, providing the investment-grade quality and audit trail required by the CSRD and other disclosure frameworks.

  • Applicability Sorting: Companies can easily determine and assign materiality based on ESRS clauses that state companies “can,” “may,” or “should” report on topics, ensuring data is collected only where relevant.

  • Workflow Dashboards: Program managers gain instant oversight on data collection progress and can follow up on lagging or overdue data.

  • Organizational Modeling: The detailed organizational model matches reporting obligations to site operational profiles, ensuring that each part of the business reports only on topics material to their activities.

  • Reporting Templates: Built-in reporting templates allow the generation of automated reporting output at the push of a button, simplifying corporate reporting against a suite of industry standards and frameworks, and export to other stakeholders.

  • Disclosure Director also includes an API with a direct link to CDP’s disclosure portal, streamlining the disclosure submission once it has been collected, verified and signed off, saving time and ensuring data accuracy and quality.


Benchmark Gensuite’s focus on addressing CSRD requirements head-on ensures that companies have a practical and effective tool to meet their reporting obligations, delivering tangible business benefits in terms of improved transparency, reliability, and accountability. The CSRD/ESRS framework is already live and operational within Disclosure Director, complementing a range of other industry standard frameworks, and is actively being used by some of Benchmark Gensuite’s leading subscribers.


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