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With over three decades of experience in the Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) sector, Capaccio has formulated a strategic approach and software tool designed to directly confront the complexities with establishing a proactive and integrated EHS/ESG leadership program. The EHS-Dashboard™ aims to provide a centralized perspective on a company's EHS/ESG data for individuals at all organizational levels. This tool streamlines data collection processes, facilitates the measurement and tracking of performance against set goals, and grants immediate access to real-time risk assessments.


From assessment to implementation, the combination of the EHS Dashboard™ SaaS software platform coupled with our award-winning strategy, can provide a single-source, scalable solution to the overarching challenges that EHS/ESG teams and leaders face in 2024 and beyond.


Revolutionizing EHS and ESG Management


The EHS-DashboardTM aims to empower businesses to make strategic decisions within their EHS and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programs. By organizing data from across the organization, the EHS-DashboardTM facilitates real-time, actionable reporting, promoting effective management of ESG data.  Integrating with existing systems, the EHS-Dashboard™ offers easy configuration and advanced functionality, resulting in significant time and resource savings. This system directly tackles the increasing demand for effective EHS data management, providing a software solution that smoothly integrates with established systems within companies.


The EHS-DashboardTM effectively addresses the pressing problem of managing ESG data in today's dynamic business environment. By empowering EHS teams with real-time data, the EHS-DashboardTM enables a shift towards a proactive and predictive approach in achieving objectives. This transformative tool not only streamlines reporting processes but also facilitates strategic decision-making, empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of EHS and ESG programs efficiently and with foresight.


EHS-Dashboard™ Success Stories


Capaccio's impact extends across diverse global clients, showcasing the transformative power of the EHS-Dashboard™ in enhancing sustainability and compliance efforts. Some successes:


1. Implementation of the EHS-Dashboard™ revolutionized vendor data management, elevating the response rate from 60-70% to over 90%. This success, coupled with a substantial reduction in data collection time, stands as a compelling case study for organizations striving for efficiency in EHS compliance.


2. Collaboration with Capaccio involved employing their award-winning strategy and EHS-Dashboard™ to reduce toxic chemical usage for a metal finishing company. Over two years, the dashboard facilitated precise tracking of toxic chemicals, identified trends, and enabled strategic reductions. Notably, the company successfully lowered the usage of three toxic chemicals (Hydrofluoric Acid, Nitrate Compounds and Sodium Hypochlorite) below Toxics Use Reduction Act reporting thresholds and eliminated methanol entirely, demonstrating the impactful role of technology in promoting sustainability and competitiveness.


3. A Cambridge-based Pharmaceutical company has embraced the EHS-Dashboard™ to prioritize EHS. Led by their Senior Director of EHS, the EHS team actively monitors and mitigates safety risks, adapting policies in real-time for their evolving work environment. The provision of an EHS Request System via the EHS-Dashboard™ to over 2,000 employees in 26 countries exemplifies their commitment to a comprehensive global approach, processing over 3,000 requests annually. Globally conducted annual EHS audits, facilitated through the cloud-based system, ensure compliance and provide the team with the agility to capitalize on emerging opportunities.


4. A Biotech Manufacturing company partnered with Capaccio to tackle the challenge of aligning with ESG goals by leveraging the EHS-Dashboard™. The platform facilitated the modeling and monitoring of ESG projects, addressing the need for predictive analysis and real-time reporting. It effectively collected data from diverse sources, automating calculations for key metrics such as water usage, energy consumption, waste generation, and more. Aligning anticipated results with real-time progress, it allowed the company to track project timelines effectively. Capaccio's team identified data sources, configured calculations, and established continuous monitoring. The results were impressive—greater confidence in meeting ESG targets, informed decision-making, quick project adjustments based on real-time data, and significant time savings in data management.


Innovate, Customize, Integrate: EHS-Dashboard™ Redefining Excellence in EHS Software


The EHS-Dashboard™ stands at the forefront of innovation, with its Metrics Calculator emerging as a powerful tool that revolutionizes data analysis. This feature empowers users to transform raw data into clean, reportable insights, offering a level of analytical depth that sets us apart in the competitive landscape. Unlike conventional solutions, our Metrics Calculator is designed to accommodate diverse data formats, addressing the unique use cases and challenges of each client.


A hallmark of our innovation lies in the versatility of our system. The Form Builder feature allows users to create customized forms for a range of applications, from inspections to equipment preventative maintenance tracking. This adaptability distinguishes us as a comprehensive solution, capable of acting as a central "hub" rather than a disconnected "spoke."

EHS-Dashboard Client Success Story (LinkedIn Post) (8) (1).jpg

The EHS-Dashboard™ is not merely a software solution; it is a customizable, cloud-based SaaS platform supported by world-class EHS industry experts. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to integration rather than replacement. By seamlessly merging with established data collection channels within an organization, the EHS-Dashboard™ becomes a centralized hub. This approach allows companies to leverage our platform without undergoing wholesale changes to existing systems, minimizing costs and avoiding unnecessary disruptions. In essence, the EHS-Dashboard™ is a testament to our dedication to innovation, adaptability, and client-centric solutions in the ever-evolving realm of EHS software.


Unlocking ESG Excellence: EHS-Dashboard™ - Where Expertise Meets Innovation

In the dynamic landscape of EHS software solutions, the EHS-Dashboard™ stands out as a pioneer, uniquely positioned to address the complexities of sustainability in today's business environment. As companies recognize the imperative of incorporating ESG considerations into their operations, the demand for effective ESG tools is escalating.


Verdantix predicts a quadrupling of the ESG and Sustainability Consulting Market, reaching a staggering $48 billion by 2028. Amidst this burgeoning market, the EHS-Dashboard™ distinguishes itself by being the sole industry tool crafted by EHS experts.


The distinction extends beyond software development; Capaccio EHS engineers conceptualized the software, providing an unparalleled understanding of the broader EHS/ESG landscape. Moreover, the inclusion of on-the-ground consultants facilitates the achievement of EHS/ESG goals, a feature absent in larger corporations merely functioning as software developers.


Our commitment to client success is reflected in the high-level support provided by real EHS experts at our Help Desk. This ensures that EHS program aligns effortlessly with business goals, offering clients a personalized experience unmatched by competitors like eCompliance, Velocity, and Ideagen. In a saturated market, the EHS-Dashboard™ emerges as the comprehensive solution, combining expertise, transparency, and strategic alignment to drive meaningful advancements in EHS programs.


EHS-Dashboard™ - Elevating ESG Management with Seamless Integration and Expert Support


The EHS-Dashboard™ prioritizes accessibility and cross-platform compatibility, supporting browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge. Hosted on AWS Cloud infrastructure and built on Ruby on Rails, it ensures optimal performance and security, seamlessly integrating with various data and service providers.


It empowers users with robust data analysis capabilities, featuring charting, trending, goal alignment, statistics analysis, pattern recognition, and raw data pivoting for insightful decision-making. Its versatile data collection capabilities include Excel imports, the Capaccio Data Pipeline (supporting Arcadia/Urjanet Utility Integration), and a convenient Data Request System by which data can be entered via email. The potential for developing custom pipelines for each client also enhances the system’s adaptability to varied data sources.


Analytic tools organize diverse datasets into a centralized hub, providing ESG teams visibility into key regulations and facilitating monitoring of ESG objectives in relation to business goals. ESG metric tracking, health assessments, incident reporting, custom reporting views, work order systems, and a centralized hub for reporting and inspection documentation contribute to a comprehensive analytical experience.

Beyond data tracking, the EHS-Dashboard™ serves as a dynamic platform with custom forms for inspections, corrective actions, safety checklists, employee surveys, vendor requests, etc. Audit tracking and chemical tracking by constituent enhance its ability to provide nuanced insights. In essence, it emerges as a holistic solution, intuitively integrating data collection, analysis, and actionable insights to support regulatory compliance and align with strategic business goals.


The team at Capaccio ensures effective utilization of the dashboard through comprehensive onboarding, regular check-ins, and a robust 24/7 support infrastructure. Users have access to a document library, chat box, ticketing system, and direct engagement with dedicated EHS-Dashboard™ experts. Capaccio's commitment to ongoing education, demonstrated through its Skills Training Series, solidifies its dedication to client success.


EHS-Dashboard™ - Beyond Compliance, Toward Sustainable Innovation


The EHS-Dashboard™ redefines EHS/ESG software with a comprehensive, innovative approach. It goes beyond compliance, serving as an instrument for achieving sustainability, energy efficiency, and social responsibility milestones. Its commitment to innovation, user-centric support, and education position it as a trailblazer in the evolving landscape of EHS/ESG software solutions.


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