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Entries close 3 June 2022

To submit your entry please complete the following steps:

  1. Fill in your entry details using the form below

  2. Once you have completed the form, please send the accompanying entry material to

  3. Pay the entry fee (each submission to a single category costs $100. The Rising Star Award is exempt and can be entered free of charge)

If you have any questions regarding the entry process please contact us on

1. Fill in the entry form


2. Send us the accompanying material

Please send the accompanying entry material, referencing the category name and company you are entering, to

Accompanying material includes:

  • Your entry (in both word document and PDF format) as an open-ended summary/essay of up to 2000 words, together with optional supplementary information, describing the details of the entry and demonstrating why it should win.

  • 1 PowerPoint slide illustrating key aspects of the entry and including the company name(s) of the entrants, to be displayed at the Awards ceremony in the event that you win an Award.

  • A high resolution, transparent logo for every company associated with the entry.

Please note the Rising Star Award requires different accompanying materials. The entry materials for this Award are as follows:

  • Evidence of the candidate’s career achievements (this could include significant contribution to a project)

  • A 60-90 second video of the professional describing their key achievements and why they should be considered.

3. Pay the entry fee

Each submission to a single category cost $100. The Rising Star Award is exempt and can be entered free of charge.