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Sustainability Delivery Awards 2024
Shortlisted Entries

Harnessing life cycles to transform uninhabitable environments into functional habitats for forgotten insects and pollinators

OMI follows the ideology of focusing on the little things, like some of our smallest stakeholders, insects. “Fit for Purpose Powerful Solutions with Gentle Delivery” is our undertaking, while our vision is to add value to clients through innovative implementation that improves sustainability. OMI is constantly trying to find creative and effective solutions for the rehabilitation of impacted areas. Consequently, a nature positive approach is one of the principles at the heart of OMI’s strategy for every project.

Benchmark Gensuite - Disclosure Director / CSRD Solutions

Benchmark Gensuite has fostered over 25 years of EHS & Sustainability innovation by developing best-practice digital solutions and cutting-edge AI Advisors, leveraging advanced technologies to streamline reporting & workflows; delivering holistic & unprecedented operational visibility, data management, and insights; and driving overall program improvement across the organization from safety & auditing to Scope 3 emissions and supply chain accountability— all on a single, comprehensive, and unified integrated platform. 

Capaccio’s EHS-Dashboard™ transformed from Vision to Reality

Since 1992, Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc. (Capaccio) has helped companies of all sizes to continuously grow, be competitive and move the needle towards a sustainable future. Our years of experience and unflagging belief in our mission to “help industry and the environment prosper,” drive every engagement we enter. Our award-winning track record and core values of integrity, dedication, commitment and responsiveness make us a great firm to work with.

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