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Position Green's Full-cycle ESG Investment Solution

Winner of the ESG Innovation Award

Building an Innovation Ecosystem for Impactful ESG Solutions


Position Green is leading provider of integrated ESG solutions that was established in April 2022 when private equity firm Norvestor acquired sustainability platform Position Green AB and sustainability advisory firms The Governance Group AS and Velocity Consulting ApS. With the subsequent acquisition of Klinkby Enge, an independent advisory firm specialising in ESG Due Diligence, Position Green is now the largest independent sustainability firm in the Nordics and a pioneer in innovative ESG transformation.


The consolidation and expansion of expertise within ESG software, strategy and communications during 2022 has resulted in a unique integrated offering that includes strategy consulting, data management, reporting, independent assurance and e-learning. With ESG data at the very heart of the offering, Position Green supports customers in navigating and succeeding in corporate sustainability, gaining the insights required to take targeted action and building resilient organisations and value chains. Position Green’s vision is to create a sustainable, fair and resilient future by empowering businesses to do better and lead the way.


As of January 2023, Position Green has more than 500 clients worldwide and 250 employees in seven locations. In addition to offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the US, a new UK location was opened in Spring 2023. Position Green is in an intense phase of expansion in terms of service offering and geographical scope, with a strong focus on the US, UK and Benelux markets.  


Our growing innovation ecosystem and diverse team of in-house experts allows us to develop integrated ESG solutions based on data-driven insights. We make things measurable and concrete so companies can act. It’s evident that corporations are becoming increasingly aware of the need to integrate ESG considerations into their business strategies in order to mitigate risks and ensure long-term value creation. The ambition with our full-service offering is to revolutionise how businesses integrate sustainability and empower them to lead the way as game changers in their respective fields.” – Joachim Nahem, CEO at Position Green

A Complete Offering that Accelerates Impact


Position Green’s purpose-built and data-driven software platform allows customers to efficiently collect, analyse and report sustainability data from their entire organisation and value chain with full traceability, across ESG regulatory domains and standards (e.g., GRI, SASB, CDP, TCFD, HRDD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, ESRS, GHG Protocol). The platform consists of three core products – Sustainability Reporting, Supplier Assessment and Investment Monitoring – that can be used individually or in combination. ESG courses and e-learning modules are also offered to help companies build new capacities and deliver on their sustainability agenda. Position Green’s expert advisory services help guide data-driven strategic decisions to reduce risk and accelerate ESG performance. There is a separate legal entity that provides independent assurance of ESG reporting and related frameworks, disclosures, and green bonds. 


Innovation Case: Integrated Solution for Transparent ESG Investing


Sustainable and socially responsible investing is on the rise. However, with no standard criteria for designating such investments, the legitimacy of sustainability claims made by target companies can be difficult to ascertain for financial investors such as private equity funds. 


During 2022/2023, Position Green has developed an innovative solution that supports asset managers and investors during the entire investment cycle; screening new investment opportunities, conducting ESG due diligence for potential investments, and monitoring their portfolio while invested.


The pre-investment solution lets investors screen and conduct ESG due diligence to identify potential ESG risks and opportunities prior to investment. The framework of the solution is based on international sustainability standards and regulations and it provides a structured methodology for data collection and opportunity assessment. 


This ESGDD solution enables both in-house and external analysts to perform due diligence based on area of expertise. It ensures maximum transparency for diverse and complex ESG factors when considering the target company’s sustainability performance. The data analytics and aggregated data metrics can be accessed by asset and portfolio managers by way of dashboards, tables and visual presentations. Data-driven insights can then be leveraged for negotiation and closing, and clients can create post-closing action plans and reporting metrics from the investment.

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The post-investment solution ensures that investors have a common method for monitoring the portfolio, fund and assets over time. Through traceable and quality-assured data reporting, they can assess, analyse and review how investments and holdings live up to ESG regulations, standards and agreed action plans.


This Investment Monitoring software enables a proactive approach to investor reporting, risk and impact assessment on all investment levels. Industry best practices are used to ensure an up-to-date methodology and investors can rest assured that the data is structured according to reporting standards and ESG indexes of choice. 


Position Green’s integrated ESG investment solution focuses on material ESG issues as strategic business issues that impact the long-term value of a company. These issues must therefore be considered throughout the entire investment cycle as living metrics for sustainable growth. The solution enables clients to;


  • translate their ESG strategy into a streamlined reporting structure and specify the aspects, KPIs and investments to be assessed in relation to their ESG goals

  • streamline the collection and validation of ESG data through API connections, surveys and imported spreadsheets

  • improve data quality and ensure compliance through embedded validations, frequency selection and traceability 

  • track progress and assess investments aligned with reporting initiatives, disclosures and regulations 

  • work proactively with all assembled data to benchmark the portfolio and export data in accordance with business requirements and stakeholder interests


I see our investing solution as an innovative tool for accelerating ESG transformation in an area characterised by confusion and uncertainty. By looking at the full investment cycle and using the combined software and advisory expertise at our disposal, we can ensure that capital is deployed to the green transition while at the same time safeguarding planet and people. We are taking something that is considered labour intensive and making it more automated for investors and operators.” – Anders Klinkby, Managing Director, Sustainable Finance


Empowering ESG Transformation


Position Green is creating an innovation ecosystem for data-driven product and service development that empowers companies in their ESG journey. The integrated offering helps customers cut through complexity, thrive through transparency and become pioneers of sustainable business. More than 250 in-house talents provide expertise and insights in areas ranging from climate, finance, and human rights to software development, analysis and legislation. By building a leading ESG Powerhouse, Position Green’s ambition is to be at the forefront of driving the world’s sustainability agenda.

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